Briefly How Geotechnical Field Assessment Proceeds

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Briefly put then, a geotechnical field assessment will more than likely encompass a number of site investigations and not just a single one. The geotechnical engineering consultancy north vancouver bc firm will also be keeping faith in what can be termed as in-situ as well as laboratory materials testing work.

The assessment must conduct a site characterization. Geotechnical analysis and design will take into account foundation engineering at shallow and deep levels, soil improvement, pre-load design and monitoring work, retrofits and seismic designs. Interactions with soil structures need to be tested. Assessment work also looks at liquefaction and remediation. An analysis is done of slope stability and design of a retaining wall is looked at.

geotechnical engineering consultancy north vancouver bc

Other tasks that a geotechnical engineering consultancy firm will be looking at will be the dam embankment, road structure, cold regions engineering, dam safety reviews and geo-hazard and landslide assessments. Such reviews or assessments, once contracted, are generally scheduled to take place at annual intervals. Construction field reviews looks at rock and soil excavation shoring, groundwater management, and construction management. And overall, all assessment and engineering work must be focused on safety.

The objective of achieving stable results ensures the safety of all those taking part in a single project. The engineer assigned is tasked with looking to optimize outcomes and reduce risks by way of applying proven scientific methodologies. Infrastructural integrity is a critical concept that is part of geotechnical engineering. Solid foundations need to be ensured but with as little impact on the environment as possible.

All geotechnical engineering assessments carried out need to be thorough. To recap in closing, assessments will be looking at factors related to groundwater, soil quality and seismic performance. Apart from providing safety, property values could also be improved.

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