You Cannot Manage Your Club Alone

club management

Not even if you tried. Just look at what has been happening around you of late. Clubs, bars, restaurants, all over the show, having been forced to shut their doors, many of them for good because they have just simply run out of money and have nowhere else to go. It has been pointless for many of them to approach their bankers. Rather, they would rather be seen running from them. Because they are already in deep arrears with them. All of which sounds rather rotten indeed. And indeed, you cannot very well blame financial institutions that would much rather you pay and will certainly not be any position to be offering you any fresh credit lines.

club management

And that, certainly, would not have been a good idea in any event. For quite a while now, far too many people have chosen to blame COVID-19 and government malfeasance as well as incompetence for their woes. They are hardly going to succeed with that sort of attitude. And the best attitude now is to accept responsibility for poor errors of judgment. Learn your lessons on barroom, restaurant and club management and endeavor to just move on, as hard as that may seem. Mind you, perhaps it will not be as challenging going forward.

This may well be a financial challenge for you right now given your lack of reserves but there is surely no harm in trying. Indeed, professional club management consultancy work may have that on its resume. It could discuss ways and means that are alternative to conventional practices to get that business of yours up and running again. The end of the virus may well be a way off but even so, you still need to start planning for your future now.

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